IKI IKEDA Takayama tea whisk (chasen) soot bamboo


Made in Japan Chasen Soot Bamboo Makoto Omotesenke Master traditional craftsman Iki Ikeda is very durable forms are divided into types such as Maho, Kazuho and Araho. What is used in each style depends on the material and shape.

What is a Takayama Chasen?

Matcha is known the world over as a superfood. Rich in antioxidants with a profound earthy umami taste, matcha is a must-have for not only tea drinking, but for culinary recipes as well. Most people don't know about the proper preparation of authentic Japanese matcha. The preparation of matcha is practically an art form. Fortunately, this art form is something anybody can learn. All you need is a few supplies to get started.

First things first: get a Takayama Chasen. A Takayama Chasen is a bamboo whisk made specifically for matcha. The history of the Takayama Chasen goes back centuries. You can find our favorite chasen here. Since matcha is such a fine powder, mixing it with a spoon is no easy task. Japanese tea masters had the same struggle over half a millennium ago.

In the 15th century, Takayama Sosetsu created a bamboo whisk suitable to the new style of the Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha and the new style of bamboo whisk was presented to Emperor Gotsuchimikado. Impressed with the beautiful shape of the chasen, he officially referred to it as the Takaho Chasen. The Takaho Chasen inherited the name Takayama Chasen after several name changes.