Tsukigata Nahiko CHAWAN Mino Legend of Fire 3000K   


Tsukigata Nahiko (1923-2006) born in Niigata prefecture. After the war he attended the Arts course of Nippon Daigaku University and was struck by the works of Living National Treasure Arakawa Toyozo, to whom he apprenticed in the arts of Shino and took his mentors work to a new level. Like all art, his was alive and always evolving. Starting with the replication and research of Momoyama techniques to the culmination of his efforts in Oni-shino, Nahiko has taken Shino beyond all others. It was not an eas road, for the first 15 years he worked for a ballet school, spent time as a recluse priest at Myoanji temple, and wandered the country playing the shakuhachi. It was a time of great change in Japan, starvation was rampant immediately after the war and supporting oneself through the little known art of Shino-yaki was difficult. However he perservered, along with Toyozo, Kato Juuemon, Kato Kohei and others, to bring Shino to the forefront of ceramic arts. Heavily prized domestically and abroad in his lifetime, his low output and unique quality make his work a must have for collectors.

Devoted to the spirit of creating ceramics by Toyozora Arakawa, the master of Mino.
Touted as a "flame potter," he created a whirlwind in contemporary Mino ceramics with his unique world view and technology, and pioneered unique fields such as Onishino and Oniiga.
One of the most unusual children in modern ceramic art, such as being featured on NHK [Tsukigata Nabiko] Excellent work
This work is a wonderful work with dynamic modeling and beautifully colored feldspar glaze.
Unlike the original works of Oni Shino and Oni Iga, it can be said that it is a gift of the art of Mr. Nabiko Tsukigata, who thought about Momoyama Kotou, devoted himself to Toyozora Arakawa, and pursued his own ceramic art. ..
Please take this opportunity to cherish it. We guarantee the authenticity. 
Dimensions: Diameter 13.4cm Height 8.4cm