RTSAN (伎工)



新学/Manabu Atarashi(Japan,Mie 1973 - )



Ando Hidetake (b. 1938) was named an Important Prefectural Cultural Property in 2003, a status towards that of a Living National Treasure for his work on the research and revival of Mino ceramics which encompass Seto and Shino wares.In his own words.."What is so wonderful about Mino ware is this relation to nature, the uniqueness of every firing...



Born to a father who was a stone sculptor and a mother who was a flower arranger, Nahiko's artistic sensibility was cultivated from a young age. Eccentric, eclectic, after fighting for World War II he was one step away from becoming a hermit monk. Then something happened and he deepened all the arts like music, painting, sculpture leaving an...



Since 1988, Tanaka began making Tobe ceramics in his birthplace of Tobe Town, Ehime Prefecture. Tanaka chose Yamaguchi Prefecture as his training site. Later he became fascinated by Hagi ware and also liked living in Yamaguchi Prefecture. In 2001, he became an independent artist and opened a kiln in Yamaguchi City. 砥Back in Tobe Town, Tanaka used...

It is baked without icing and the way it hits the fire and the way it is coated with ash differs depending on its location in the oven, so the same thing cannot be created as one. It is a ceramic that you can enjoy a unique look.

When i go to Japan is a must to visit Takaragawa Onsen and the near Minakami. villag.
Snow not only appears in this place.last time it was impossible for me to move a feet for so many many snow...In a little village Takumi no sato i found this amazing friendly potter..I am not to much into japanese but Igusa...